About Us

The taste of a family tradition

Noemi Ruiz Piña and José Becerra Martín Piña, joined together as a young couple and began a career in the restaurant industry of Cozumel in 1975. Pepe Becerra began his successful career. Advised by Mr. Isidro Martín Vázquez and the help of his grandfather, Pepe Becerra turned into a successful entrepreneur when he opened El Portal restaurant.

When he founded Palmeras Restaurant in 1976, he also was laying the foundations of Organization Becerra, a family business headed to this day by Pepe Becerra and Mimi Ruiz.

Back in bussiness, good service and a perfectionist vision, are the values that have guided the evolution of this family, which made the Palm restaurant business his flagship company.

The corporation, currently employs almost 300 families of Cozumel working in a wide variety of businesses. Palmeras is a solid enterprise in continuous development. It also represents to its founders, the legacy of a tradition and a philosophy of hard work that their children learned and transfer to those employees who are part of this 100 percent cozumeleña company.

After nearly 40 years of service to tourism, Palmeras restaurant is not only a place of culinary tradition, but because it also became an icon within the urban image of the island and the number one meeting place for this city.

At this time, Becerra Ruiz family involved in social responsibility actions, through Orbe Foundation, since it has significantly contributed to its restaurant industry, trade, real estate, has earned a special place among Cozumel´s community, tourism and business history.

For Mimi and Pepe Becerra the most important goal is the continuation of the tradition of his family business for future generations and to preserve Palmeras as the meeting place for both visitors and Cozumeleños.